How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts With Your iPhone

How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts With Your iPhone

“How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts With Your iPhone” with Bren Koger.

Do you have multiple Instagram accounts?

Are you looking to find out how to manage multiple Instagram accounts with your iPhone?

Having multiple accounts is a great way to really take advantage of the power of Instagram. That’s why I want to tell you exactly how we manage multiple Instagram accounts ourselves.

How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

In our online business, we run more than one Instagram account. Each one targets a different company or niche and with the recent Instagram updates, it makes it even easier to manage these accounts.

In the past, we could only switch from one account to another by logging out of one and signing into another one. This was annoying and time-consuming, especially if you have several accounts.

There just wasn’t the option to switch with one click until now.

Here is an easy way to switch from one account to another without disconnecting.

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Get The Latest Instagram App

First of all make sure you have the latest updates to your Instagram account by going to your Apple App store.

Go To Options

Next, log into any of your Instagram accounts and click on the gear icon.

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts With Your iPhone

Add Account

Once you are in options, go to add account.

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Log Into Next Account

When you have selected ‘add account’ the app will take you to the log in page in which you would normally log into your Instagram account , here’s where you should add the username and password of the second account you want to add.

Type the information and press on Login.

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

To Switch Accounts

Click on the name of the account at the top

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

and you will get a pull down menu like this

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

To change accounts you’ll simply have to click on the account. You’ll be able to change from account to account freely without having to log out.

And you’ll be able to add as many accounts as you like.

It’s that EASY.

Final Thoughts On How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Now that you know how to manage multiple Instagram accounts on your iPhone, you’ll only need to take advantage of this new feature to make using the power of Instagram effective and easy.

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If you want help in building up your social media accounts, feel free to contact us and we can talk about the different options we offer.

And always keep in mind… have fun!

Bren and Mike


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How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts With Your iPhone - Bren Koger

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Article: How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts With Your iPhone

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